N’Joy Eats provides a culinary experience where a certified, professional chef comes to you and teaches you the basics of the kitchen.  In these custom classes you will get an overlook of safety and sanitation, a gourmet recipe, knife skills, food preparation and food plating. You become the chef for the day and you get to experience how a chef develops the meals that make people remember that experience for years and years to come.

     If you want to learn how to cook for one, cook healthier, special diet, refine the skills you already know, impress friends, family and loved ones, set up a group lesson for your friends or your kids….. whatever you have in mind, N’Joy Eats has something for you.
 Prior to your lesson you will receive an in-depth questionnaire so your chef can develop a recipe and a lesson specifically for YOU; you will then set a date for your lesson and the chef will come to you! Simple as that.
     This service is an all-inclusive lesson where the chef provides the food and you get to keep all leftovers or any foods not used and the standard time frame of your lesson is two hours from start to finish. (If your lesson runs over, no worries, you can’t predict how some cooking will be. You have a 30min window of extra time for any situations that may arise).
     The chef will come to your home and give you an in-depth lesson on cooking a gourmet meal that will be either vegetarian, dietary, or a standard chicken, beef, pork, or seafood* as well as lessons in sanitation and basic knife skills. These meals are usually crafted to feed 2 adult guests.
*(Please note an additional fees will be added for seafood items)
All Inclusive: 2 hours
Group lesson:
3-5 persons
3-5 kids (13 and under)
Client is subject to a refund only if they have not had their lesson and give the chef 48 hours notice that they need to cancel their lesson. Clients must completely fill out questionnaire and client agreement before their lesson begins. Chef uses own knives and are not responsible for any incident caused by improper handling of tools. Chef is not responsible for any unknown allergies that are not listed on the questionnaire or otherwise noted.